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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Stone Roses - Blackpool Live 1989

Sometimes you need something you are comfortable with.. im not going to compare this with your favourite armchair or that spot in the pub where you feel at home but you get my drift.... come back to what you know and all that... The Stone Roses released the best album ever, ok i know you disagree but that's my opinion, im sticking to it and im right! the gigs they played around this time in 1989 were talked about as something mythical, they were pretty immense however spike island was shite by the way! There were around 4500 people inside the Empress Ballroom on this particular summer night....from legend and listening now there seems to be around 450,000 who claim to have been there! Enjoy the gig, its one of the best............

1. I Wanna Be Adored [6:01]
2. Elephant Stone [4:10]
3. Waterfall [4:46]
4. Sugar Spun Sister [4:01]
5. Made of Stone [5:03]
6. She Bangs the Drums [4:04]
7. Where Angels Play [4:32]
8. Shoot You Down [4:01]
9. Going Down [3:23]
10. Mersey Paradise [3:06]
11. I Am the Resurrection [13:23]

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