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Friday, 31 August 2012

Love Amongst Ruin - Love Amongst Ruin

After departing Placebo in October 2007, Steve Hewitt enlisted Lamb bassist Jon Thorne and his brother Nick Hewitt to begin writing and demoing new music at his home studio. Julian Cope collaborator Donald Ross Skinner was brought in to oversee and co-produce the recording sessions and the collective relocated to Moles Studio in Bath for three recording sessions with producer Paul Corkett over the summer of 2008. 

So far so good and nothing too outrageous yet yea .... now here's the catch..... 

The sessions yielded ten songs, on which Steve performed drums and lead vocals. Drums as he had played for bands such as Boo Radleys and famously Placebo for over 10 years is fair enough but now he was to take up singing duties as well... Everyone wants to be Dave Ghrol all of a sudden!! actually this is pretty cool and you should give it a listen.

As an aside Steve has just joined Six.By Seven and taken up drumming again.... cool as...

So sad (fade)
Heaven & hell
Come on say it
Away from me
Blood and earth
Love song
Bring me down (you don”t)

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