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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Dub War - Pain

I saw Dub War supporting Blaggers ITA at Southampton Joiners,  i think it was around October 1994 and for those who had the pleasure will know what i mean when i say i was scared....very scared when the band walked on stage.... Benji the lead singer and now front man of the excellent Skindred tore the place apart, dreadlocks flailing with what you would call ragga punk played at maximum volume by a band as tight as something very tight!

They opened with a tune that required an air raid siren , well im not actually sure the tune required it but it was getting it.... 150 punters welded to the back wall as the band launched into an assault that that was thrilling and utterly unmissable.... they were on little known label "words of warning" who released some excellent stuff around the time and later signed to "earache" home of noise pollution..... one of those bands that could have and should have been massive.....   oh and the blaggers were pretty special too.... 


  1. An excellent album, I loved Dub War

  2. im going to post up words of warning tape pretty soon mate, keep an eye out!