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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Sultans of Ping F.C - Casual Sex in the Cineplex

what about those sultans!! or sultans of ping...... or sultans of ping fc!! whatever your take on the name or your opinion of the band this is a classic album , if you like your music to be fun and a little bit on the giddy side then this will do you just fine...

"Back in the Tracksuit"
"Indeed You Are"
"2 Pints of Rasa"
"Stupid Kid"
"You Talk Too Much"
"Give Him a Ball (And a Yard of Grass)"
"Karaoke Queen"
"Let's Go Shopping"
"Kick Me with Your Leatherboots"
"Clitus Clarke"
"Where's Me Jumper?"

soon to be playing gigs with Carter USM who are undoubtedly fantastic you should check out both bands actually...

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