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Monday, 23 January 2012

Huggy Bear - Taking The Rough With The Smooch

Boy Girl Revolutionaries!! 

Huggy Bear were for a brief time in 1993 the most talked about band in the country, the fact they refused to do the mainstream press somehow worked in there favour as the weekly inkies clamoured for the latest news... one riotous performance on The Word cemented the bands place in folklore... they got chucked off stage and out of the building! In the days of X Factor and the like its pretty hard to see how a band like this could exist today but lets thank fuck they did....

Roit Grrrl..... Ramshackle.....Punk..... DIY....  

Call it what you want...... Huggy Bear have been called worse :)

Dissthentic Penetration
Shaved Pussy Poetry
Pansy Twist
Concrete Life
Pro No From Now
Her Jazz
Teen Tighterns
No Sleep
Carnt Kiss

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