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Sunday 29 January 2012

Pusheman - Floored

Pusherman , The ulitimate in stoned indie rock!

Having been signed by Oasis manager Marcus Russell to his Ignition label was initially the major talking point for Pusherman and gained the band column inches and plenty of press that otherwise they might have found hard to come by. By the time Floored wad released the band were firmly standing on there own feet and were well respected throughout indie circles.

The band were in the main part from Portsmouth, and formed from the ashes of a band called S.K.A.W.  Andy Frank and Yank the lead singers told tales of drug use and psychedelia that only The Verve could really match , live the band were amazing , that feeling you get running down your spine... or when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up... that was Pusherman.

Chase It
The Aim Indeed
So Long Low
First Time
Never Come Back
Cos I Lied
Show Me Slowly


  1. God, forgot about them- I also remember SKAW from the early 90s, they were a kind of south-coast Happy Mondays. Sad to see that both Andy Frank and Yank have died. Couldabeens...

  2. They were exactly that! i saw them only once at Portsmouth guildhall, it was the first gig for "the Portsmouth Venue Campaign" around 1991, also on the bill were flowered up so it was pretty mad !! PVC are pretty much responsible for every decent gig in pompey since and still promote at the wedge and pyramids