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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Gene - Rising For Sunset

I absolutely loved Gene, with a passion so great that it pains me i will never get to see them live again,  without a shadow of a doubt they were one of the most underrated band of the mid to late 90's. led by lead singer Martin Rossiter,soothsayer the the stars and driven along by Steve Mason on guitar the band were more than the sum of its parts, 

Rising For Sunset was a pioneering release for the band, streamed live on the internet initially at a time when the music industry were running scared of the net, over 60,000 viewers/listeners live and a further 100k of sales afterwards... alright if you ask me...  

Does He Have a Name? [Excerpt] 
Fill Her Up 
British Disease 
Where Are They Now? 
London, Can You Wait? 
As Good as It Gets 
Your Love, It Lies 
Rising for Sunset 
For the Dead 
Be My Light, Be My Guide 
Speak to Me Someone 
You'll Never Walk Again 
Somewhere in the World

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