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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Screeper - English Meltdown

Iv mentioned the genius of David Jones a few times on the blog before... Well here is probably his finest hour... Screeper and English Meltdown..

Screeper came out of Portsmouth around the mid 90's, mashing up samples, guitars and a mad dancer (who later played bass but we wont mention that) sampling bands such as Captain Beefheart and Can should and could be a pointer but only if i'm being lazy, the music goes beyond that, Davids voice floating over the beats laid down by keyboard and technical wizard Steve...... hot sweaty gigs that were more an art performance than your average indie club night meant the band gained fans such as John Peel and the single The Golden Boy EP with lead track Can Fever garnered extensive national radio play... 

Screeper started out life as The Spinner Dolphins and went onto become The Autons via Reinhard.... You can find The Autons and Davids latest solo work elsewhere on here. 

Can Fever
Heppen Harla
Class Traitor
No Tomorrow
Night for Day
Sugar Monkey
Mr E
Snow Mobile
Bone Crazy


  1. how does one d-load this? mediafire is being canny now...taking you to a sign up pagina.

    ace blog, BTW. cheers from NYC.

  2. Hi there, check now as iv updated the link mate, cheers for the comment and glad you like the tunes!

  3. cool.

    as I said, ace blog.

    I'm a fairly hardcore music-blog-hopper. I've been here maaaaaany times over the last year.

    Mutant Sounds, Systems Of Romance, Madchester Rave On(Higher Than The Sun).... ahhh. I'll stop now. it's pointless to list the assorted and (insanely) numerous blogs I'm addicted to visiting.

    it's easily up to 50 blogs.

    anyway... even if i don't post messages, I'm, always looking/ checking here. awesome blog. thanks for doing all the work.

  4. BTW..

    I'm listening to the brand new (2012) album by (old Factory records band) The Wake.

    not's very, very pop-y, like their Sarah-period stuff.

    dunno why I mention this.. maybe because it's playing in the background, and reminds me of the older wave of UK artists. god knows..I only have 5 terabytes of music here. yes- really. ; )

  5. lol, 5 terrabytes is going to keep you busy fella !!

  6. Wow - I have two Spinner Dolphins records, but know absolutely nothing about them (other than that I heard them on Peel one night and wrote off for the records)

  7. Cool as! Would love to hear spinner dolphins again, you will love this album and don't forget to check out the autons... Pure genius!!