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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Cud - Leggy Mambo

CUD ARE BACK.......... and a nation rejoices! 

well someone probably did.... 

I first heard Cud on Mark Radcliff's hit the north radio show, Robinson Crusoe and Hey Boots were a slab of indie rock that sounded fantastic and nothing like the madchester tunes that he usually played, Cud came from Leeds, itself a vibrant city full of bands, music and attitude, not unlike its close northern cousin Manchester, 

This didn't really trouble the charts , that came later with the Aquarius album but this is far far superior , As i said earlier the band have reformed and are playing gigs throughout 2012, including a support slot with Carter USM and two dates with the Wedding Present... not to be missed!

Hey, Boots
Love In a Hollow Tree
Love Mandarin
Not Exactly D.L.E.R.C.
Robinson Crusoe
Eau Water
Carl's 115th Coach Trip Nightmare
Syrup and Sour Grapes
Brain on a Slow Train

1 comment:

  1. You can't beat a bit of CUD.

    I saw them numerous times in Leeds & Bradford in 89-90 & they were always the business live. Magic & the Robinson Crusoe 12 inch mix were my highlighs from the Leggy Mambo era.