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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tiger - Rosario

Second (and last) album syndrome? possibly but Tiger stopped being edgy and when you lose that certain something you become just another run of the mill indie band , its a real shame as first album We Are Puppets was never off my walk man but this one Rosario, i hardly played.... maybe i didn't give it a chance at the time, maybe the band had fell out of favour with the music press and its actually my fault for not being loyal! 

I know i'm going to re listen and make a judgement, by the time you read this i actually may not still be listening however... you know that's always the best thing to do

I Was A Rolling Stone
Speak To Me
Girl From The Petrol Station
Candy And Andy
Root Cage
Soho Soul
Bee Song
Our Simple Life
Rox Baroque


  1. I do prefer Puppets but I did really love this album too. Dan the singer sent me stuff he did after this and it blows both albums away but I'll always have a soft spot for any Tiger!

  2. wow , how did the post tiger stuff sound? would love to hear that someday...

    cheers ian