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Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012 and all that...

So like a really important blog and that we come the the eat junk end of year awards! 

Im going for my top 3 gigs of the year in no particular order...... 

1. CARTER USM at Brixton Acadamy Nov 2012

Sheer unadulterated joy. Words can't explain how good Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine were this year, I won't even try to begin to tell you,  suffice to say if that was the end then it was exactly how all endings should be.... Loud and utterly glorious ! 

2. STONE ROSES at Heaton Park June 2012

Well we waited 16 years.... fuck me it was worth it. 
Iv'e never felt so excited, or felt an atmosphere of excitement like it before. it was only 4 blokes on stage but wow, when mani's bass kicked off adored i don't care where else on earth i have been or where else i could have been, right there at that time all i needed was happening around me. it was perfect in every way.

and that will do , there were plenty of other gigs but thinking about putting them in any sort of list is giving me a headache....  and all top 3's are shite yea...

Neds Atomic Dustbin were incredibly good, nearly as good as carter actually!!
Reverend and the Makers weren't shite... which was a surprise
Pop will Eat Itself were noisy and pretty special
The Wonder Stuff never fail me and never will
Hadouken were bonkers, im too old!
Happy Mondays were on form and Shaun was sober!
Inspiral Carpets went back to there old singer and were better for it
Primal Scream roped in Debbie from MBV. proper proper good
The Vaccines ripped off the Libertines
Martin Rossitor released the album of the year and played one of the great gigs

and iv missed loads but hey I can't go on all night , some were good some were great , others were average, 

Support Live Music yea!! 

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