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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Birdland - Birdland

Birdland's self-titled debut is rooted in the spiky power pop of the late '70s, featuring a number of speedy, catchy songs that all clock in at around three minutes. The notable exception is a pedestrian cover of Patti Smith's "Rock n' Roll Nigger," a tribute that doesn't quite work. However, that leaves enough prime material 
to make the record worthwhile for new wave revivalists.

1 Shoot You Down 3:12
2 Sleep With Me 3:50
3 Don't Look Back 4:58
4 Paradise 2:35
5 Wake Up Dreaming 2:37
6 Rock 'N' Roll Nigger 6:23
7 Everybody Needs Somebody 3:42
8 Letter You Know 4:09
9 Beat Me Like A Star 4:11
10 She Belongs To Me 3:32
11 Hollow Heart 2:19
12 Exit 5:43

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