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Monday, 11 July 2011

The Milltown Brothers - Best Of

I was going to write some long gushing statement of fact about how the Milltown Brothers could change your life.... you all know that would be utter bollocks but anyway... this brings together all the singles which aint a bad thing let me tell you.....

In the heat of the late 80s UK scene, many bands came and went, leaving no trace but a single memorable song (if they were lucky). Milltown Brothers, however, rose above the pack and, although they may not have reached the heady heights achieved by some of their contemporaries, left behind them an enjoyable catalogue scattered with a handful of hits and timely anthems. This expanded Best Of collection contains singles from both A&M albums, a sprinkling of demos and alternate versions, as well as the classic debut album Slinky in its entirety. Far from a forgotten band, the Milltown Brothers still find themselves held in high regard, and are occasionally active with live shows and online activity.

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