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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Various - Indie Top 20 vol 11

A mid point for the tremendous indie top 20 series, I actually think there are better ones out there ( volume 15 my own personal highlight) but the high points on this are many nonetheless. 

Flowered Up's 'Phobia' is bizarrely great, Cud's 'magic' a forgotten, slinky singalong panther of a tune, the Moonflowers do the whole spacey indie (as perfected by early Verve singles) thing very well, the Pixies crop up and the mighty Boo Radleys set out there stall with the frighteningly feedback driven 'Kaleidescope'. It wasn't all pop and trumpets in the early days, oh no. 

Special mention also to proto slacker anthem "God knows its true" and the tremendously riffed "Birdbrain", possibly Buffalo Toms' best... the Cd version didn't have tracks 8, 9 and 18 (Rig, Upholstered Eldorados and Bleach, a blessing in 2 out of 3 cases, you decide which), the tape did (possibly the vinyl too)...but he'd also found a Dutch import with those tracks listed (Though it is possible it's mis-listed)..odd.

1. Anytime anyplace anywhere - Carter USM
2. Pray - My Jealous God
3. Spirit - Bridewell Taxis
4. Fishes eyes - New FADS
5. Phobia - Flowered Up
6. Listen - Honey Smugglers
7. Magic - Cud
8. Moody 'live' - Rig
9. I wanna talk like Iggy Pop - Upholstered Eldorados
10. Get higher - Moonflowers
11. Then - Charlatans
12. God knows it's true - Teenage Fanclub
13. Half life remembered - Pale Saints
14. Cry blood - Welfare Heroine
15. Oxygen restriction - Shamen
16. Tragedy for you - Front 242
17. Kaleidoscope - Boo Radleys
18. Decadence - Bleach
19. Bird brain - Buffalo Tom
20. Dig for fire - Pixies

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