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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Adorable - Footnotes, A Best Of

I saw Adorable support Curve in 1992 and actually thought they could really go on to be huge... I loved "Sunshine Smile" and still play it nearly 20 years later... I was going to post debut album Against Perfection but instead give you this as the band in all there wisdom decided to leave the best song they had off the UK version of the album.....

Im sure you all have favourite bands that were criminally ignored by the record buying public, but are loved by a cult following (usually you!). Adorable are probably one of those bands if you've never heard them you'll want to know who or what they sound like: Well think Kitchens Of Distinction or House of Love's soaring guitars, wandering - sometimes groovy - bass lines like The Cure or Stone Roses and a passionate singer who sounds a bit like David Gedge. This complilation takes most of the best bits from their two albums - the more guitar heavy feedback drenched Against Perfection and the dissapointing and comparatively timid, Fake.

What Adorable did, was great songs which built up, slowed down and dragged you along in a maelstrom of noise and emotion. Songs like Homeboy moved from rumbling moody bass lines to clattering guitars which sweep me off my feet. That was why, when the 2nd album ditched these extremes of sound, it sounded poorer for it. Also the songs weren't quite there on the 2nd album.So this compilation is patchy, but the highs are so good (Sistine Chapel Ceiling, Glorious, Sunshine Smile...) that it gets 5 Stars. Few bands reached these heights. In my opinion, better than 5:30, even though "abstain" is a fantastic single and maybe not as good as Kitchens Of Distinction - probably the two easiest comparisons. Shoegazing? Similar guitars at times and the ability to write the sort of epics Catherine Wheel did... i liked them , im sure you will too

Sunshine Smile
Sistine Chapel Ceiling
A to Fade In
I'll Be Your Saint
Man in a Suitcase
Feed Me
Favourite Fallen Idol
Crash Site
Cut #2
Kangaroo Court

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