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Monday, 12 September 2011

Cosham Community Players Association

No link this time but i wanted to write about Cosham Community Players Association...

What the fuck just happend??.......its not every band you see that leaves you with a sense of disbelief..... Sometimes when you see a band you've never heard of you can forget about them as quick as it takes to order a pint at the bar, sometimes they are as bad as 18 Wheeler (and dont tell me they were good because they were not) sometimes they fill half an hour with tunes and are perfectly agreeable without being future Knebworth when i had the good fortune to see CCAP as iv taken to calling them something changed...something was gone to see a mates band, as is often the case, and when CCAP walked onstage to play a drum kit, a black and decker work bench, a bucket (empty at first then filled with water halfway through the set) and a pair of handle bars from a child bike i knew this was going to be special... i wasnt to be disappointed!

The Band, if i can call them that hammered, banged and scratched away at their "instruments" whilst the drummer - complete with tissues hanging out of both ears kept up the furious pace, the tunes melting and punching into a mass of  noise and confusion ...there was no let up , no slow down as this went on for a full 30 mins.. i stood grinning like a fool......eventually the band walked off without a word to the crowd, feedback from broken machines and bust guitar strings strewn everywhere.....Perfect !!

A quick web search didnt really throw up all that much apart from a facebook page, Cosham Community Players Association are worth hunting down

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