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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Tiger - We Are Puppets

Tiger sounded and looked out of place in the post-Brit-pop indie-rock world of the late '90s. Older than their peers and possessing utterly no fashion sense, Tiger relied on traditional indie-rock values, cribbing their sound from late-'80s alternative rock groups like the Pixies and the Wedding Present, while lacing it with droning chords borrowed from Stereolab and strong British melodies. We Are Puppets, the group's debut album, is filled with jagged, fuzzy guitars, call-and-response vocals, angular hooks and oddly ingratiating flat vocals. The best songs -- including the roaring singles "shining in the wood", "Race" and "My Puppet Pal" -- bristle with unconventional hooks and pounding rhythms. Tiger likes to make noise and their glee is infectious, even when the noise outweighs the melody.
As an aside the first time i saw Tiger live supporting The Wannadies of all people i couldnt work out which language they were actually singing in for at least the first 4 songs.... fantastic if you ask me, they blagged a spot on the NME tour with 3 colours Red, Symposium and Geneva i think around 1997

My Puppet Pal
Shamed All Over
Bollinger Farm
Storm Injector
On the Rose
Sorry Monkeys
Cateader Reddle
She's O.K.
Ray Travez
Keep in Touch

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