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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Paris Angels - Sundew

Remembered (if they're remembered at all?) for 'Perfume', One of the greatest singles of all time.... FACT........ The Paris Angels were a much better band than their 'baggy also-ran' status would suggest. With the right bit of luck and application they could have broken out of the scene and become massive, they deserved to be.. If this was to be their only album released, roumers are there is a second un released album out there somewhere, its as good as anything of its time....

01 Eternity
02 Fade
03 Smile
04 Slippery Man
05 What Goes on
06 Perfume (All on You)
07 Louise
08 Breathless
09 Chaos (Stupid Stupid)
10 Purest Values
11 Oh Yes


  1. very true! posted this up today as the drummer from the band has sadly passed away.....

    Perfume will be a great legacy.....

  2. 'Perfume' is a classic and one of my favourite ever songs by any band. It should get covered by someone famous so more people get to hear it!

  3. anyway you could get this to me?

    can't find it anywhere! x