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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Rude Club - Men In Suits

You're rich and you're cheap..... I like that

Debut single from long lost Manchester noise merchants Rude Club , The Band released 3 singles and were then dropped with an album ready to be released.... boy would i love to hear that now!!

Jane the singer from Rude Club now records in a band called Ernest + Tom and a review of her debut gig can be found here

Back to Rude Club anyway , Men In Suits growls along and then explodes into a wailing wall of noise that frankly could strip paint off walls... The drummer despite looking like a bar room bouncer practically barrels this along, matched by Jane's guttural, at time feral voice.... not fucking bad if you ask me.....

there is not really too much on the net about Rude Club but if you do some digging on myspace and youtube there's enough to give you a flavour of a band who never reached there potential or there audience 

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