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Friday, 23 December 2011

2011 And All That

Im struggling to decide if lists of things like a best of etc or shite that people have done in the year are cool or not?
 maybe they aren't as im sure some bloggers use them to announce to the world how cool they think they are... answer: not very..... i think i might stick up some random shit that iv done this year anyway... its been fucked up and fantastic in equal measures!!

1. Football and specifically Barnsley FC

There is something amazing about travelling the length and breadth of the country on a train , on a Saturday , with your mates... Usually the game is insignificant to the days happenings even though its the only reason for actually getting out of bed that day, it will rain, il spend shed loads of cash and my team will lose, but you know what , il still do it the week after because i cant give up.. just one more hit... just one more goal scored by a player who doesn't really care if im watching as he's pocked his 20 grand this week.. still its all about the journey...........

2. Some Bands 

You know how you feel when you hear the opening guitar line from your favourite song of your favourite band.... that feeling you wouldn't swap for anything else in the world at that time... i thank you this year for Carter USM, The Wonder Stuff, Pop Will Eat Itself , Inspiral Carpets, some new bands who dont actually mean all that much to me right now but might do in 20 years time, just the way Happy Mondays or the Stone Roses do, some more who iv forgotten now but will remember in 20 minutes....

i think il stop now.... i was going to stretch this useless post out to a magical 3 but i think 2 is kinda funny.... there is plenty more good things that have happened but as i said at the start... lists are a bit shit aren't they ! 

peace out xx

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