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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Vex - Frontiers And New Technologies

Late 90's space rock?? repetition , Terry Bickers, Levitation , Ohm Records...  How about i let you decide however i think you will find this is just fantastic...

Vex came from Portsmouth , formed from the ashes of Amazing Windmills first came Velcro... soon to be Vex after a rather large fastening company got all upset with this particular bunch of Portsmouth upstarts.

However more about the music, comparisons to early Verve and Spacemen 3 were often thrown out by lazy reviewers, Vex rattled along referencing noise, sound and space in equal measures this was no ordinary guitar rock album. Almost futuristic this should get played whenever lunar landings or missions to mars are planned!

check out the Vex history, discography , scrapbook and reviews on the Deleirum records home page here

Flies In Amber
Heidelberg Speedmaster
New Technology
Jim Watches Over Us
Sound Of Life
Omnia and Satori
Cheung Ta Ta Cheung

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