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Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Wonder Stuff - Never Loved Elvis

Released 20 years ago in 1991.... Wow just writing that makes me feel a little old ! Eat Junk has seen The Wonder Stuff five times this year already and is making it seven next week with gigs in Birmingham and London, celebrating this release the band are going to play it in full... Seems a good idea to me and although its sometimes seen as a cheap way of selling out gigs without any new tunes classic albums deserve recognition... and a classic this surely is.... 

The third full length release after Eight Legged Grove Machine and Hup, Never Loved Elvis was the breakthrough the band deserved , Mouthy front man Miles Hunt had been a star in his own head for years by the way!! And yea im sure you all know about Size of a Cow and that but if you haven't heard this before take a few minutes to listen to my favourite song Mission Drive or Here Comes Everyone... fantastic

Only Miles Hunt and Malc Treece remain from the original line up however the addition this year of Fuzz Towshend the band is becoming something of a midlands super group! id actually go as far to say the band are playing better now than they did 20 years ago , probably helped by not being pissed all the time!

Mission Drive
False Start
Welcome To The Cheap Seats
Size Of A Cow
Sleep alone 
Here Comes Everyone
Caught In My Shadow
38 Line Poem
The Takin' Is Easy
Will The Circle Be Unbroken
That's Entertainment
Me, My Mum, My Dad And My Brother

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