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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Credit To The Nation - Take Dis

Credit To The Nation have reformed, if you were lucky enough to have been at the Endorse It festival in Dorset 2011 you might have caught them live

Live was really how i came about them , a debut single being played on Peel might have got them a record deal but gigs with Manic Street Preachers, Blaggers ITA and Chumbawamba brought them to the wider nations attention. MC Fusion, as Matty Hanson preferred to be called aligned himself with Chumbawamba's sense of political Agit prop and anti sexism / racism / homophobic attitude and disrespect for authority... never a bad thing if you ask me.. 

Hear No Bullshit
Lady Needs Respect
Man Made
Teenage Sensation
Teen Grove
Sowing The Seeds Of Hatred
Rising Tide
Ole Him Selector
Money Talks
Call It What You Want
Mr Ego Trip

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