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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Moonshake - Eva Luna

Dave Callaghan and Margret Fielder...what a sensational noise you created...  Wow... This is like 3 albums in one, Multi layered instrumentals overlaid with noisy guitar... think My Bloody Valentine for any sort of reference, The band were signed to Too Pure records... Home of PJ Harvey and Th' Faith Healers...

  The two main creative forces of the band apparently didn't get on that well.... that's usually a recipe for success 99% of times !

City Poison
Spaceship Earth
Beautiful Pigeon
Mugshot Heroine
Tar Baby
Seen And Not Heard
Bleach And Salt Water
Little Thing
Secondhand Clothes
Drop In The Ocean


  1. Just a totally amazing album from a band at the peak of its powers. Sadly the tension that drove them to create it ultimately split the band but they were amazing over this, the mini-album and a handful of singles.

    Why do albums that are this good never get the deluxe treatment?!

    I blogged the Peel Session that came out just before the album and it is well worth a listen too.


  2. cheers stephen, couldn't agree more! thanks for the comment and great to check out the peel sessions... keep the faith!