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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Eat - Sell Me A God

Eat were bonkers, lead singer Ange Doolittle was bonkers...never a bad thing actually

Sell Me a God was released in 1989 and mixed blues, rock and funk to make a decent racket, the band didn't last much longer as drugs, drugs and well really drugs pretty much made them hate the sight of each other... 

1993's Epicure album had a different band line up with singer Ange still present, but pretty soon after that they fell apart again, ange went onto front we Know where you Live who were the Wonder Stuff minus Miles Hunt and the band formed Vent 414..... with Miles Hunt as front man ... a tangled web they do weave !!

Electric City
Walking Man
Red Moon
Insect Head
Body Bag
Things I Need
Judgement Train
Summer In The City
Mr and Mrs Smack

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