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Friday, 23 March 2012

Laugh - Sensation Number One

Laugh formed in Manchester in 1985..... made an album, released a few singles.... had some airplay on John Peel and the Indie charts then promptly disappeared for a few years..nothing that special it seems unless you give this a  few listens and you can here the shoots of madchester and the dance explosion...  Id really never heard of Laugh until they reappeared around 1990 and Lazarus like a transformation had taken place.... 

Welcome to Interstella !  

Sensation Number One as i said is a pretty decent stab at indie dance rock and roll etc etc, its kinda like climbing a mountain but without ever getting to the summit, it never reached the highs! having said that its not the worst hour of your life you'd ever spend so its not all bad, i like it but once they had recruited Stella Grundy to sing they became loads better


  1. Hi,

    Would someone please re-up the download link for this album...I've been looking for this one for years now, so I would really appreciate it!

    Thanx a lot!