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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Hundred Reasons - Quick The Word, Sharp The Action

You spend the best part of two years writing, demoing and recording a new record.... then bang... it finally hits the shops... or the internet of course and you sit back relax and watch the record slip into the nations collective heart.... unless you are Hundred Reasons of course and the record label you released said album on gets bought 2 weeks after release date..... 

So no record in the shops, no record on the internet and no way for the fans to buy it at all in fact! and the best part.. the band don't own it and cant actually do anything about it... brilliant !!

That changed a few years later when the band finally managed to get it out there, and i'm glad they did, as you should be... Hundred Reasons burst onto the British rock scene, sold tons of there first album then spent the intervening years trying to live up to the hype, its a shame they seem to be on permanent hiatus now.

Quick The Word, Sharp The Action rocks like the proverbial mutts nuts, not as immediate or as catchy as some of there work it still  has an uncanny knack of lodging a chorus or a key change into your head,  much to like here! 

Break The Glass
No Way Back
Sick Little Masquerade
Slipping Away
Pernavas Iela
The Shredder
Il Never Know
She Is Poison
Lost For Words
Out Of Time

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