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Friday, 22 June 2012

Indie Top 20 - Vol 12

Had a tweet about the last Indie Top 20 so thought is dig some new ones and old ones out etc etc.... Here's volume 12 and a bit of info about it from this excellent bandplanet website here

Opening strangely with "Happen to die' a charlatans b-side, albeit a classy one, but an odd opener. there's little fat here, the absence of the Wendys, The Dylans and Candyland wouldn't have been a travesty, but even they are merely dull and a little mediocre.

Some early Shoegazers make an appearance here (oddly neither Chapterhouse (who'd released at least 2 e.p.s, possibly 'pearl' too) nor Ride ('Nowhere' was out, as were the well thought of preceding singles), feature until later on), Curve's excellent debut single, the 1st Moose ep's lead track, one of The Catherine Wheels finest, the terminally ignored Spirea X (they only really had the 2 good singles but you can get the album from rich and the the excellent Teenage Shoegaze site here!!) it's all good stuff.

Other highs; a classic from Saint Etienne, another from Spacemen 3, a great early Manics single (coffee tables were just something they smashed in hotel rooms at this point), the KLF and the indie throwback feel of Bridewell Taxis covering 'Don't Fear the reaper'.

Its got The New Fads on too, probably one of the most under rated band of the last 20 years and also gets bonus points for the inclusion of a track by Terry 'mad as a hat' Bickers; Levitation, 'Nadine' was the nearest they got to a tune. Not that near, by the way.

Happen To Die - The Charlatans 
Pulling My Fingers Off - The Wendys 
Lemon Afternoon - The Dylans
Chlorine Dream - Spirea X
Spaceman 3 - Big City 
Nothing Can Stop Us - Saint Etienne 
Fountain Of Youth - Candyland 
Get Better - New Fast Automatic Daffodils 
Don't Fear The Reaper - The Bridewell Taxis 
Ten Little Girls - Curve 
Counting Backwards - Throwing Muses 
Fortune Teller - Buffalo Tom 
You Love Us - Manic Street Preachers 
She's My Friend - Catherine Wheel 
Jack - Moose 
Nadine - Levitation 
Last Train To Trancentral - The KLF

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