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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Th' Faith Healers - Imaginary Friend

Iv left the song times up on this one.... yep you are reading it right , 7 songs and a 40 minute epic to finish with! il have a bit of that.. iv blogged about the excellent Tom Cullinan previously so il spare you the details etc... enjoy the tunes!

The fact that Th Faith Healers were originally picked up by the spacy English label Too Pure is certainly significant -- their music, while seemingly in line with indie-rock conventions, has so many elements of noise and drone in it that it appears to have crossed over to listeners of more spacy, organ-driven music. Imaginary Friend manages to satisfy all of these different interests, floating back and forth between soupy waves of distorted guitars and clean, ringing, indie-rock tones ("Kevin," "Heart Fog"). The real thrill of the band's songwriting lies in the way surprising pop moments can emerge from the mess of sound -- the chorus of "See-Saw" is an unexpected burst of melody that transcends all of the band's noisier tendencies. Imaginary Friend is arguably Th Faith Healers' defining album, and that makes it well worth a listen; somewhere in between sounding like a Too Pure band, a noise project, a precursor to Snowpony, and the badass cousins of Madder Rose, Th Faith Healers managed to find a unique and compelling style that no other band has truly approached

Sparklingly Chime - 4:52
Heart Fog - 6:53
See-Saw - 3:18
Kevin - 5:39
The People - 7:12
Curly Lips - 4:29
Everything, All At Once Forever - 40:08


  1. Wow, I love Th' Faith Healers. I just commented on your Prolapse post and came to browse the rest of your blog - first page and already I see some of my favorite bands. Great taste.

    1. Thanks A.Z keep on checking back