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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Drop Nineteens - Delaware

Back in 1991 - 92 I loved pretty much all of what the so called shoegazer movement had to offer (im a sucker for a genre!) The gorgeous walls of sounds My Bloody Valentine produced without seemingly any effort at all, the soothing harmonies and fragile vocals of Slowdive and the rugged beauty of the Boo Radleys.. yes before you go on they were shoegaze and don't even talk to me about wake up boo!!  This album from unknown and unsigned Boston (home of the Pixies) band The Drop Nineteens soon became one my favorites of the era, Its hard to describe exactly so i wont il let you listen to it instead........ and the band were not even from the Thames valley! what would the NME say !! 


  1. Good post. They were signed to Caroline (US), and Hut (UK).

  2. yep , hut had some pretty cool bands too especially Verve