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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Hell is for Heroes - The Neon Handshake

Hell is for Heroes! indeed lets hope it is... HIFH as probably only me call them formed out of the ashes of Symposium in the late 90's / early 00's, is early 00's actually a time? it never looks quite right! anyway onto the band , they were friends,contempories and often touring partners of Biffy Clyro amongst others, bit of a difference now eh lads? This album is kinda sums up the time quite nicely though, post hardcore...indie rock etc etc.The band had a fearsome live reputation which meant gigs were rammed and this album sold well, it was actually voted in the all time top 100 rock albums ever in Kerrang magazine..... good though it is i doubt it would make the top 1000 if the vote ran now! 

Five Kids Go
Out Of Sight
night Vision
Cut Down
Few Against Many
Three Of Clubs
I Can Climb Mountains
You Drove Me To It
Slow Song
Sick Happy 

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