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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Wolfgang Press - The Burden of Mules

The Wolfgang Press was an English post-punk band, active from 1983 until 1995, recording for the 4AD label. The core of the band was Michael Allen (vocals, bass), Mark Cox (keyboards), and Andrew Gray (guitar), with many guest musicians.

Best known for its 1992 international hit single "A Girl Like You (Born To Be Kissed)" The official 4AD band profile describes them as "post-punk", transforming to "avant-dance groovers". The band was frequently labeled "goth", though they denied the charge.
The influence of Metal Box was apparent in their live shows and in their first recording as the Wolfgang Press was the 1983 album The Burden Of Mules. Trouser Press describes it as "dark and cacophonous, an angry, intense slab of post-punk gloom that is best left to its own (de)vices"; the AllMusic Guide to Electronica describes some tracks as "so morose and vehement as to verge on self-parody." ZigZag was more positive, regarding the album as an artistic success and an "emphatic statement."  The band's career retrospective compilation, Everything Is Beautiful, contains no tracks from the album... that probably tells a story !!

Lisa (the Passion)
Prostitute I
The Burden of Mules
Complete and Utter
Prostitute II
Slow as a Child
Give It Back
On the Hill

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